05 August 2010

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Backyard Garden is an organic farm just five miles east of Downtown Austin. JBC works with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme, which is a direct partnership between the consumer and the farmer. Members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest, thus the farmer is ensured a consistent market and the consumer is ensured high-quality local produce.

Earlier this year, JBG started using a new logo created by fellow Austinite Ryan Rhodes. The new logo and identity revolve around inked pieces of wood that are then arranged quite organically to make up letters that then make words, or shapes like roosters and beets.

04 August 2010

Georges Rousse

He has invented 'Geometrism' in space, at once knowing and strange. And it has an amazing subtlety: there are no accidents in his work. Everything is planned, from its very inception to the final snapshot.
Philippe Dagen, Le Monde, January 1, 1986.

Georges Rousse

31 July 2010


Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator created by Jürg Lehni. It extends Illustrator’s functionality by the use of the JavaScript language. Scriptographer includes a library with new drawing-tools and effects that modify graphics. Most of them are really useful! And if you feel up for it, it is possible to write your own scripts.

Scriptographer is open source software application.


Olafur Eliassons's Notion Motion

Notion Motion can be seen at museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam until 17 October 2010.

22 July 2010

05 May 2010

Tide prediction infographic

Wilfred Castillo has made this beautiful diagram providing the tide prediction in Redwood City Wharf, CA in the month of June 2007.

Wilfred Castillo

11 April 2010

Serge Bloch

Look for more drawings and lovely animations on the site of Serge Bloch

04 April 2010

Alien Palace Birdhouse Collection

De Appel arts centre, Amsterdam, presents a new project by the Finnish artist, Otto Karvonen. In ‘Alien Palace’, Karvonen has taken the tense political climate in the Netherlands, the complex debate with regard to immigration and integration, and the position of the ‘stranger’ as the starting point for a new sculptural project. The collection consists of six birdhouses that were specially developed for migrating birds in Amsterdam. In general birdhouses have a welcoming character and are made of warm, natural materials, but Karvonen has opted for cement, aluminium and stainless steel. The harsh aesthetics of his designs are derived from various Dutch detention centres for asylumseekers.

From 24 March these birdhouses will be hung from streetlights in the Vondelpark, close to the Filmmuseum.

04 March 2010

The VitraHaus is open

The VitraHaus, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, is a place where you can explore design classics by designers such as Charles & Ray Eames, George Nelson, Isamu Noguchi, Jean Prouvé and Verner Panton along with contemporary designs by Maarten Van Severen, Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, Antonio Citterio, Hella Jongerius, Jasper Morrison and others. Here you can find inspiration for your own home furnishings and also try out and buy furniture and other objects on site.



Poster for the play The Rashomon effect

The Rashomon effect is the effect of the subjectivity of perception on recollection, by which observers of an event are able to produce substantially different but equally plausible accounts of it. It is named for Akira Kurosawa's film Rashomon, in which a crime witnessed by four individuals is described in four mutually contradictory ways.


31 January 2010

What deux yeux have teux deux teuxday?

Great for the paperless office: the online to do list of TeuxDeux ('to do' with a french accent, they have a sense of humour too..)

I have been using it for a week now and I love its simple and clear design. TeuxDeux is always up-to-date; all the items that don't get done ‘today’ will automatically be moved to the next day. I wonder how long it will take before I have an endless list?


21 January 2010

A new look at the favela

Vila Cruzeiro, Rio's most notorious slum, has been the site of open warfare between local police and Comando Vermelho, the drug gang that controls the neighborhood. Walls in the neighbourhood are marked with bullet holes and spray-painted warnings: 'Attention neighbours. In days of war, avoid leaving the house. Thank you, Comando Vermelho.'

Struck by the disconnect between these neighourhoods and the city that surrounds them, a duo of Dutch artists known as Haas & Hahn (Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhan) started imagining ways to encourage the citizens of Rio to take a second look at one of their city's defining features. With the help of three friends from the neighborhood, Haas & Hahn spent nine months meticulously painting a carp-filled river in the style of a Japanese tattoo along a winding concrete staircase that extends from the favela's main street Rua Santa Helena.

"If you want to build a bridge between these two sides of the city that live side by side but have an enormous gap between them," Urhan explains, "the easiest way is to do it through some sort of art intervention." Koolhaas adds: "We tried to find a way for the [residents'] sense of pride to be painted on the walls of the favela so that the outside world could see how good they feel about themselves and could understand that there are families here that can take care of themselves."

Favela Pianting, site and article in Art Review

19 January 2010

Memories are like ghosts

'You could think that my paintings are unusual, but to me they are very realistic. If my work looks extraordinary, it is due to the juxtaposition of things which generally wouldn't be connected. This way, I show several moments at the same time. But I do it in the most realistic way possible. My paintings are no interpretations of dreams or nightmares, like many people think. But they can have a spooky character, that is because of certain memories on which the paintings are based. Memories are like gosts.' Léopold Rabus in an interview by Eric Quint

05 January 2010

Kummer & Herrman

Kummer & Herrman have designed the book Corporate Art Collections in the Netherlands, published by Nai Publishers. I like the typography, the intruiging photos and the fresh green.

Kummer & Herrman

02 January 2010

Play shapes

The perfect children's present: PlayShapes from Miller Goodman

Big 4

Stephanie Imbeau has won the competition to become the fourth artist to put their unique stamp on the huge '4' logo installation outside Channel 4's headquarters on Horseferry Road, London. Stephanie’s idea involved covering the Big 4 with a blanket of more than 1000 umbrellas. Most of the umbrellas came from London Transport’s lost-and-found store.

Stephanie Imbeau