13 February 2007

Matthew Haigh

A promotional image created for the world PR festival on the theme of diversity and consumerism.
Featured in the Catalyst exhibition as part of the Lisbon Biennale.


04 February 2007

Personal annual report

Nicholas Feltron (apologies if I haven't got his name correct) has created his personal annual report. Brilliant! Both concept, execution and diligence!


Bush's speech

This is interesting: a statistical analysis of the State of the Union address that can be explored by the user. The word 'threat' was mentioned 17 times in 2003 and only once in 2006, so I guess I can conclude it has become a safer world! Global warming has not made an entry yet.

state of the union visualisation

03 February 2007

Pantone colours

Pantone has published the colours for autumn 2007. I can live with them, yeah.. (miss nightblue though, i don't think that is on the way out yet!)