09 November 2011

Sarah Illenberger at Papier Hier

The yearly Papier Hier event, organised by Paper supplier Antalis, will take place in Amsterdam on Saturday 19 November. I can recommend going! You will see the most beautiful papers and graphic products and will be able to attend presentations from well known designers. I am especially looking forward to see Sarah Illenberger. I love her playful images made from objects like food, wool and tires.

Papier Hier

01 November 2011

Playful cover

German design agency Paperlux has designed a special tactile cover for Novum Magazine. After embossing the paper with about 150 triangles, the cover can be folded into extraordinary 3D-shapes.
The film below shows the development process of the cover.

Novum 11/11 – Making Of Cover from Paperlux on Vimeo.


25 September 2011

Thai skincare brands

On a trip to Thailand I have discovered some beautiful skincare and aromatherapy brands. Below are some of my favourites:




And here a piece of advice from Karmakamet, that I don't want to keep from you: to reach a deep or high candle, light a piece of uncooked dried spaghetti and use it to light the candle!

28 August 2011

I Wish You Hadn't Asked

Austrialian art/advertising collective The Glue Society has unveiled its latest artwork, titled I Wish You Hadn't Asked, at the Sculpture By The Sea festival in Aarhus, Denmark.

The work consists of a large house, where it rains on the inside. The public are encouraged to enter with a raincoat. Artist James Dive of the Glue Society says the work is "about that moment in a relationship when something is said, or done, that can't be taken back. And the rot sets in."

The Glue society

05 August 2010

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Johnson's Backyard Garden is an organic farm just five miles east of Downtown Austin. JBC works with the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programme, which is a direct partnership between the consumer and the farmer. Members pay in advance for a share of the upcoming harvest, thus the farmer is ensured a consistent market and the consumer is ensured high-quality local produce.

Earlier this year, JBG started using a new logo created by fellow Austinite Ryan Rhodes. The new logo and identity revolve around inked pieces of wood that are then arranged quite organically to make up letters that then make words, or shapes like roosters and beets.

04 August 2010

Georges Rousse

He has invented 'Geometrism' in space, at once knowing and strange. And it has an amazing subtlety: there are no accidents in his work. Everything is planned, from its very inception to the final snapshot.
Philippe Dagen, Le Monde, January 1, 1986.

Georges Rousse

31 July 2010


Scriptographer is a scripting plugin for Adobe Illustrator created by Jürg Lehni. It extends Illustrator’s functionality by the use of the JavaScript language. Scriptographer includes a library with new drawing-tools and effects that modify graphics. Most of them are really useful! And if you feel up for it, it is possible to write your own scripts.

Scriptographer is open source software application.


Olafur Eliassons's Notion Motion

Notion Motion can be seen at museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam until 17 October 2010.

22 July 2010

05 May 2010

Tide prediction infographic

Wilfred Castillo has made this beautiful diagram providing the tide prediction in Redwood City Wharf, CA in the month of June 2007.

Wilfred Castillo