31 August 2007


Yesterday I visited the University Library in Utrecht, the Netherlands, designed by Wiel Arets. It's a beautiful, exiting building (espacially for those with vertigo!).

Amsterdam just got a new library too, developed by Jo Coenen. It makes me happy that in the public sector there still is a budget for projects like these.

Wiel Arets Architects
Jo Coenen


Mibo was launched in 2001 in a bid to inject some colour and pattern into the then glass and steel world of domestic lighting. I particularly like the textiles.


30 August 2007

Magical Finland

Two illustrators who take you to a fairytale world. They both have Finnish roots, let's go there!

Klaus Haapaniemi:

The Taika range for Iittala

Sanna Annukka:

20 August 2007


At the website of Eric and Marie Design Studio you can find interesting use of materials and formats.

Eric and marie