14 December 2008

09 December 2008

04 November 2008

Hendrik Kerstens

I think there is a trend in portrait photography to light its subjects like the paintings of old Dutch masters like Vermeer. This photo by Hendrik Kerstens of his daughter Paula is my favourite. I like the calmness of it. And the humour: the typical Dutch headdress turns out to be a simple plastic bag.

Hendrik Kerstens

03 November 2008

Pieter Hugo

South-African photographer Pieter Hugo travelled twice to Nigeria (in 2005 and 2007) to follow a legendary group of itinerant street artists known as the Hyena Men. These men earn their money by performing on the streets with hyenas, pythons and baboons, and by selling traditional medicines.

Pieter Hugo

14 October 2008

Venom Yum

After an absence of half a year - I have discovered that blogging is a winter activity! - here some feelgood illustrations.

Venom Yum

28 April 2008

Organic Packaging

Those of you who will be in London soon, should definitely check out the Whole Foods market in Kensington. I have never seen such a beautiful presentation. And the selected products are all so well designed.

I love the trend for handwritten text and quirky illustrations!

20 April 2008


I like the posters for the Klinch parties at the Melkweg in Amsterdam. I wonder who has made them.

Joe Whyte

This poster caught my eye in a record shop yesterday.

Joe Whyte

16 March 2008


Some work from London-based A2/SW/HK.


Ballet Posters

Just some eye candy; old and new ballet posters.

Me studio


Studio Anthon Beeke


02 March 2008


Today I went to the Millais exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum. Millais is mostly known from this romantic painting of Ophelia.

There was also a section of contemporary art pieces, which have been influenced by Millais's Ophelia. The video of 'Where the wild roses grow' from Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue came to my mind, but the Van Gogh museum has found more reinterpretations.

Carmela Garcia

Helen van Meene

Sam Tayler Wood

To celebrate the exhibition the Van Gogh Museum started a Flickr group, showing more work inspired by Millais. The photo below (made by mpsepulvedaster) made me laugh!

Van Gogh Museum

John Everett Millais at flickr.com.

15 February 2008

Jen Stark

Jen Stark turns her fascination of plants and outer space into exploding paper objects.

Jen Stark

14 February 2008

Sarah King

The customized banana below is made by Sarah King, who also makes great drawings of animals. Sarah King is part of the graphic design collective Evening Tweed.

Sarah King

07 February 2008

A great discovery!

When I like a logo, I always try to find out who is the designer behind it, and how it's made. But it's not always easy to find information. So I am very happy that I have just found an online database with loads of logo's, composed by Hans Stol. For every logo he shows who has designed it, and which typefaces and colours have been used.

I am not allowed to publish an example, but I urge you to take a look. (For the Dutch speakers: when you click on 'home' you move to an extensive lecture about corp
orate identity. Looks interesting too.)

Hans Stol's logo database

Enrique H

Enrique H's treatment of type inspires me. The images below are details of his brochures for Theater Bellevue.

Enrique H

21 January 2008

Ron Mandos Gallery

Last Saturday, I went to the new exhibition at Ron Mandos's gallery in Amsterdam; ‘Bloody Beautiful Part 2’. The artists taking part in this exposition all deal with the human animal relationship. They play with the different modes with which an animal means something to us: an animal as cuddly toy, an animal as biological specimen, an animal as fashion item, highlighting our often ambivalent and hypocritical stance towards them.

The show includes work by Silvia B., Erwin Olaf and Barbara Polderman. I was very impressed!

On till 16.02.2008 at RonMandos.

Rob Ryan

Can you believe these drawings are paper cut-outs?

Rob Ryan

Peter Hvidt

I have just discovered another Danish furniture designer: Peter Hvidt. He made this elegant chair in the late 1940s.

Actually, it is for sale at marktplaats.nl, only 200 euros! (but quite damaged)

04 January 2008

David Shrigley

David Shrigley: 'A few years ago I went to St Moritz in Switzerland. I decided to build a non-conformist snowman. When the art collector who owned the hotel saw it, he became very exited that I had created an artwork in the grounds of his hotel. I had to explain that it was not an artwork - it was just a snowman. It's an easy mistake to make.'

100% copied from Swissmiss (sorry, I wanted to keep it too)

03 January 2008

Happy new year 2

This is the best Christmas card I got this year! By illustrator Sytse van der Zee. I am also making potato cartoons myself, so it must be the vegetable of the year. Thanks, Sytse!

02 January 2008

New modernism

Happy new year!!

I love looking back on the previous year, especially reading lists of trends and what-nots. My favourite was a list I found in an old copy of The Face, looking back on 1998. I am surely getting old, 2007 was not half as exiting!

Anyway, from my own research I have extrapolated that in 2007 the most discussed thing in 2007 was Helvetica (font + film) and the most discussed person Wim Crouwel.

We are back on a wave of modernism! So what can we expect in 2008? More work like this:

All work by Robin Uleman.