16 November 2009

Magpie Studio

Magpie Studio created a sympathetic giant rabbit - painstakingly created in carrots - to promote printers Gavin Martin Associates conversion to eco-friendly vegetable inks. The postal tube, bright orange and covered in mud, worked as an appropriate precursor to the event.

Magpie Studio

04 November 2009

Art Olive jong talent

A while ago I went to the Art Olive Jong Talent show in Amsterdam, which is an exhibition of work by selected graduates from Dutch art academies. I was most impressed by the 3D art. Below crochetted and handspun wool and wood objects by Jennifer Harkness.

Edwin Deen has designed the installation below. When a steam machine blurs a glass pane at intervals, a snow landscape becomes visible. Magical.

Art Olive

Josh Brill

These bird prints are for sale at Lumadessa. The text under the illustration is a phonetic transcription of the call of the bird - a nice touch!