31 October 2006

do i spot a new trend in wound treatment here?

Left cover Wad (photo by ?), right photo Nick Knight.

Geoffrey Cottenceau

More witty graduation work from Geoffrey Cottenceau can be seen at www.ecal.ch.

Fred Eerdekens

Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens plays with shadows. His work can be seen at users.pandora.be/eerdekens/

29 October 2006


Some images from Karel Martens' book Counterprint.

26 October 2006


Plenty of inspiration at

Non-Format 1

Non-Format have updated their website. www.non-format.com Their work is just breathtaking.

The poster here is made for Grafik magazine's Felt-Tip exhibition.
'I did mediocre stuff while you were still at school'.

Non-Format 2

But what a coincidence, while i was planning to write 1, I discovered a link to the site of illustrator Si Scott on frozentoy.blogspot.com, (check it out: www.siscottdesign.com) and I recognised this cd-cover from the Non-Format site. Turns out that Non-Format worked as art-directors here and haven't made all those fine drawings themselves. I am glad they are human after all. And there is nothing like collaboration.

25 October 2006

Poul Kjaerholm

And I would like this chair from Poul Kjaerholm for my bedroom. Just to throw my clothes on at night.. I especially like the wicker version pictured.
But I don't want to know its price!


This is so cute! made bij Flat33.

I love it when ordinary things are taken to another level..