24 October 2007


Last year I wrote about Geoffrey Cottenceau's animals. It seems that many people have liked his idea, because I keep on seeing fabricated animals everywhere. Below Cottenceau's elephant and seal and Euro RSCG's campaign for outdoor brand Aigle. I'll try to find more examples.

PS. I am very confused about copyright issues in design. When are you just inspired by something and when does it become stealing? When are you following the fashion of the moment and when are you just too lazy to be inventive?

Because of the internet it has become so easy to get access to good design. And therefore, great ideas spread quickly and are copied all over the place.

For example: there is a trend to present your work like this: (already discussed in many blogs.)

(I found this picture online, but have made the poster white, because I don't want to point my finger at anybody...)
For me, it seems that when I see an idea for the first time, I cannot use it. I don't want to steal! But when I see it all the time, the idea has become public and I feel free to use it. But (un)fortunately, that's also when I get bored by it!

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